Software for prevention plans

Permit and access management

Simple and effective software to manage prevention plans

Leaneo software allows you to comply with regulations and increase security.

Due to its user-friendliness on mobile or on its web interface, it is quickly adopted by teams in the field who appreciate the time savings with a paperless approach.

Our prevention plan software in video

We develop a software that is fully adapted to your needs
to maximize your employees commitment!

Meet regulatory requirements

  • Completely meet regulatory requirements, whether for annual or one-off prevention plans
  • Allow all stakeholders of the service provider to easily read the prevention plan and sign it
  • Confirm at each site the relevance of the risk analysis of the prevention plan
  • Securely archive all your prevention plans and security documents

Improving safety on construction sites

  • Carry out a relevant risk analysis by highlighting the specific risks specific to the site
  • Obtain concise prevention plans to be efficient in the field
  • Revise the prevention plan at any time when necessary
  • Monitor co-activities in the field, as well as near misses, in real time or in advance

Save time in the field

  • Give field workers simple and intuitive software
  • Enter data on the go on smartphone and tablete
  • Customize the information to be entered so that it perfectly meets your needs
  • Easily duplicate prevention plans

Go paperless

  • Involve your service providers upstream in this digitalized process
  • Electronically sign and time-stamp all exchanges
  • Set up automatic sending, alerts and reminders by email
  • Synchronize data with your CMMS if necessary

Bring consistency between your security processes

  • Link prevention plans to work authorizations, fire permits, deposits, etc.
  • Avoid redundancies and improve synergy between HSE, maintenance and production services
  • Manage the progress of your actions using personalized dashboards
  • Audit compliance with quality processes in the field

We develop a software that is fully adapted to your needs
to maximize your employees commitment!

PDP App Features

Logiciel Saas

Full-web application

Available on web browser
in SaaS or On Premise
Application mobile


User-friendly graphic interface
on Tablet or Smartphone
Gestion des workflow


Modular workflow depending on the organization
No-code application
Pilotage des interventions


Dashboard using
PowerBI ergonomics
Alerts et notifications


Sending SMS or emails
Espace prestataire


Provider access
to the software
Application mobile offline


Delayed data synchronization
in case of no internet connection
Archivage des données


Document management
of PDPs and security documents
Historisation des interventions


Timestamp of all operations
and exchanges carried out
Consignations électriques

Lockouts Tagouts

Integration of the
MesConsignations software
Gestion des prestataires


Management of external service providers
and their stakeholders
Documents imprimés automatiquement


Document management
and associated electronic signature


What is the Prevention Plan (PDP)?

The PDP can be established when an External Company intervenes to carry out the work on the site of a User Company. It is mandatory if the number of working hours is a minimum of 400 hours over 12 months or if the work appears in the list of dangerous work established by the decree of March 19, 1993. The PDP engages the responsibility of the User Company and the External Company carrying out the work.
Plan de prévention
Coactivité et interférences

What is coactivity?

Coactivity is the simultaneous activity of a User Company and External Companies on the same site. This coactivity creates interference likely to cause safety risks for health at work and for the environment. The PDP makes it possible to define the measures taken by each company to prevent these risks.

What is the Joint Prior Inspection (ICP)?

The ICP is the inspection of workplaces in common with the External Company which aims to delimit the scope of intervention, to exchange information and to analyze the risks of coactivity. When they exist, the delegatees draw up by mutual agreement, before the start of the work, a prevention plan defining the measures taken by each company to prevent these risks.
Inspection Commune Préalable

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