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LEANEO, which develops and markets the software of the same name, was founded in Lyon in 2014 by Benoît Jourdain, who remains the managing owner of the company. After serving as a plant director in the automotive industry at VALEO and FAURECIA, and in the metallurgical industry at NEXANS, he wanted to leverage his expertise in LEAN MANUFACTURING with a team of 12 IT professionals, including two Ph.D. holders in computer science, 4 project managers, and a sales representative.

LEANEO, much like the energy consulting company SIFOEE, which it acquired in 2012, has placed service and customer satisfaction at the core of its DNA. With constantly evolving software, LEANEO builds a true partnership with its clients, providing innovative, long-term support. The company demonstrates great agility in both product development and customer support. The LEANEO software is designed to be highly customizable by the client, adapting to specific business requirements and environments.

LEANEO offers digitization of operational, maintenance, and security processes that perfectly align with industrial business requirements. This digitization ensures the application of processes and visually monitors data easily captured in the field. It also saves time by reducing paper usage, facilitating information sharing, and promoting the team's on-site adherence to change management.
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LEANEO provides comprehensive service to its clients by committing to service availability, data confidentiality, and security. The company has been audited and certified by CyberVadis to confirm this commitment. Major companies such as EDF, ARKEMA, and TEREOS trust LEANEO with sensitive processes.

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