Electrical assessment and accreditation tool
for UTE C 18-510 requirements

MonHabilitation is an online software
comprising 3 independent modules:
UTE C 18-510

Management of accreditations

Habilitations électriques

Evaluations for electrical accreditations

Sondages et évaluations

Surveys and evaluations on your repositories

Our software in video

Accreditation management

No forgetting and zero paper!

Habilitations électriques
In order to best meet your needs, MonHabilitation manages all types of accreditations:

  • Electrical accreditations
  • Mechanical accreditations
  • AIPR
  • Driving license

Key Features

Espace salarié
Personalized employee space
Alerte mail
Configurable email alert
Archivage des données
Archiving of certificates
Habilitations électriques
Edition of accreditations
Tableau de bord
Dashboard by service

Evaluations on the UTE C 18-510

Meet the regulatory requirement before accreditation

MonHabilitation is online software for managing
electrical assessments and authorizations according to the UTE C 18-510 standard.

With more than 1000 questions illustrées, distributed across several business modules:
Production thermique
Distribution d'électricité
Transport poste
Transport ligne
Centrale hydroélectrique
power stations

Key Features

Espace salarié
Employee space with training module
Archivage des données
Evaluations archived and communicated by email
QCM pour les habilitations
Management of multiple choice questions by level of authorization
Alertes mail et notifications
Configurable alerts
Module interactif
Interactive group animation module

Evaluations on your repositories

Make your own multiple choice questions!

MonHabilitation also allows you to quickly and simply edit all kinds of tests and surveys on your own repositories.

The number of questionnaires is unlimited. Each question and each answer is customizable by adding illustrations and comments. Finally, the list of users can be configured for each questionnaire.
Référentiels client

Key Features

Espace pour les salariés
Personalized employee space
Archivage des données
Evaluations archived and communicated by email
Invitations par mail
Invitation by email
Animation interactive
Interactive group animation module


UTE C 18-510

UTE C 18-510

Meets the requirements of the UTE C 18-510 standard for the annual assessment of personnel required before their accreditation.
Archivage des données


Guarantees a secure history providing legal proof.
Sécurité des salariés


Implements a disruptive project to reduce the risk of accidents by making safety a priority for the company.
Interface ergonomique


Facilitates staff buy-in thanks to a simple and fun interface.
Gain de temps

Time saving

Ensures time savings in the management of authorizations, while ensuring better individualized monitoring of staff.
Simplicité d'utilisation


Is available online in a simple browser, without installation. Accessible on any medium: PC, Smartphone, Tablet.

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