Your software for managing electrical facilities

The Facilities module is a web application allowing the dematerialization of site processes and documents on an electrical network (DAOE, NIP, FSE, FCM, etc.).

This tool covers the entire process linked to any operation on the electricity network which involves the various players in Driving, Operation and Works.
Suivi de chantier

Site supervision

The tool allows you to plan and monitor the progress of different projects in real time. It structures the management of the stages and actions to be carried out for each operation: preparation, validation, execution.

Documents d'accès et permis

Access documents

The tool makes it possible to issue access documents to works and work authorizations and then manage their return. These documents are archived and can be consulted or printed at any time.

Consignations électriques

Lockouts Tagouts

The Facilities module makes it possible to completely dematerialize the recording process, from the preparation of maneuver sheets to the real-time recording of the latter.

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Pilotage des interventions


Real-time planning or monitoring of all operations
Gestion de workflow

Flow management

Complete dematerialization of processes and associated documents
Bibliothèque de consignations électriques

Lockout tagout library

Library of instructions which is enriched thanks to the maneuver sheets
Application mobile


User-friendly graphic interface on Tablet or Smartphone
Sécurité des accès

Access security

Dematerialized management of access documents
Archivage des données


Traceability of all construction sites
Logiciel Saas


Data hosted in the cloud or on your company's servers
Messages collationnés


Dematerialization of collated messages
Signatures numériques

Digital signature

Signature made in the field using a tablet or phone
Analyse des données


Data processing functionalities and provision on Excel
Impression automatique des documents

All in one

Print all documents in one click
Saisie offline des données


Delayed data synchronization in case of no internet connection

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