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What is a prevention plan?

A prevention plan (PDP) is a document which aims to identify the risks linked to interference, or co-activities, when one or more external companies must intervene within a so-called "user" company. The drafting of this document is the responsibility of the user company.
It is carried out jointly with the external company(ies). It is validated and signed by all parties. It is made available to the Economic Social Committee (CSE).
Gestion des risques

Prévention industrielle
During an exchange between all parties before the start of the work, called a Joint Prior Inspection (ICP), each party first presents its operating procedure and the risk analysis for its own staff. Secondly, the exchange makes it possible to establish the risk analysis on interference, or coactivity, between external companies and the user company. The rules to be respected are then agreed to eliminate or reduce these risks.

There is not a single model of prevention plan because it must be adapted to the sites for which they are carried out. However, you can find examples on the INRS (Institut national de recherche et de sécurité) : intervention by external companies.

What do the regulations say for drafting a prevention plan?

Pursuant to article R.4512-7 of the Labor Code, the drafting of a PDP is mandatory in the following two cases:
  • If the total number of working hours is equal to at least 400 hours over a year.
  • If the intervention is qualified as “dangerous” (see the definition given in the judgment of March 19, 1993 and May 10, 1994).
Réglementation PDP

Plan de prévention
However, it is advisable to write one even if it is not obligatory in order to reduce the risk of accidents by facilitating collaboration with safety stakeholders.

The Prevention Plan is therefore the official document required by the labor inspector, the Caisses d'Assurance Retraite et de la Santé Au travail (CARSAT) which in each region have the mission of preventing professional risks and engaging companies in prevention through its advisory and control actions in business.

The PDP applies as long as the intervention lasts and must be updated whenever necessary to take into account changes in intervention conditions. For example, when new installations or new equipment are used or new employees are required to intervene on the site.

It is possible to draw up an annual PDP for repetitive operations specified by an annual contract. This annual prevention plan must then not be too general and must be updated as much as necessary.
Prévention des risques

Why use software for Prevention Plans?

Nowadays, they are still written a lot on paper or via Excel, which does not facilitate their use and communication.
The temptation could also be strong to discharge oneself from one's legal obligations, by evoking in an exhaustive and generic manner all the possible risks with their parades.
The danger here is not taking the time to ask questions each time to carry out a relevant risk analysis.
Rédaction du PDP

Logiciel PDP
Software for prevention plans offers numerous functionalities: from simple online entry to generate a PDF to the management of workflows which allow the user company and its service providers to exchange digitally and sign electronically.
Dedicated software for prevention plans can allow significant time savings with easy entry from a simple web browser or on the move on a smartphone.
If necessary, the information can also be pre-filled by the user company and external companies: the personnel involved, their authorizations, the single list of identified risks and their solutions, the operating methods of the service providers with their risk analysis, the installations on which involve the construction sites and the associated risks, etc. All stakeholders are notified by email for information or action.

In order to be able to adapt to all situations, the coactivity software must be able to be easily customizable, without calling on the editor to choose the information to enter or edit on the PDF. It may need to be customizable for configuring the signature workflow. He is responsible for editing all types of prevention plans, whether one-off or annual, associated with one or more service providers and must archive and send the prevention plans to all the necessary people.
Exploitation des données

Réussir sa transition
Finally, PDP software makes it possible to use all the data provided to analyze it through graphs, tables or extractions from the database to make it a decision-making tool for security.

In conclusion, the investment made by purchasing a license for dedicated software for prevention plans quickly pays off through time savings and allows for a safer working environment for staff.

Choosing your software for prevention plans

There are many offers on the market for drafting Prevention Plans, in particular from companies that have been around for a long time but with software of a somewhat old design. Software based on more recent technologies can, on the other hand, provide greater security and ergonomics.

Our preference is for Leaneo software. It is a recent and innovative software, which offers much more than the necessary functionalities mentioned above, if possibly they are requested. It seems to us to be simple, complete and effective at the same time.

Logiciel personnalisé
Leaneo is also scalable software which allows you to edit, if necessary, work authorizations, fire permits, various permits, recordings, technical rounds, audits, monitoring of action plans, etc.
The associated workflows are customizable. very easily. An editor also allows you to create as many as you want in “no code” mode.

Its strong points are its simple interface, service providers' access to the software, graphic visualization of co-activities in real time and to come, the version on phone or tablet which allows risk analysis to be carried out in the field, even without connection. internet, with features available such as taking annotable photos and electronic signatures. The Leaneo application can become a real visual management tool.

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