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LOTO software

What is Lockout Tagout?

Lockout tagout, whether electrical or mechanical, is the securing of equipment or an installation in order to be able to intervene on it A defect or lack of documentation can easily lead workers to come into contact with bare parts under electrical voltage, fluids under pressure or mechanical parts subject to unexpected movement.

It is mandatory to avoid accidents that are still too numerous. Around half of work accidents occurring during maintenance or upkeep operations are linked to a recording error or a total absence of recording. These electrical or mechanical lockouts tagouts require the implementation of robust procedures to guarantee strict compliance with safety rules within the framework of the legislation.


It is not because an installation is shut down that it is made safe for intervention. Accidents, often with serious consequences, are often linked to this confusion in the assessment of those involved.

La consignation et la réglementation

Mandatory for employers, deposit is governed by the following regulatory texts:

  NFC 18-510 and UTE C18-510 (electrical applications)
  Articles R4323-15 and R4544-5 of the labor code
  Decree 1016 of August 30, 2010 and NFC 18-510
  Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE
  Order of April 26, 2012

The electrical lockout tagout process(LOTO)

The recording process includes different stages, the order and execution of which depend on the specifics of the intervention:

  The separation where the power is cut off by a circuit breaker
  Locking in open position with padlocks and tags
  Identification of the machine on which we can work safely
  Verification of absence of voltage
  Earthing and short circuiting if necessary

Lockout tagout is said to be in one step if the Lockout Load carries out all these steps. It is said to be in two stages if it is the Works Manager who carries out the signaling and verification stages.

The lockout tagout removal phases are those of lockout tagout in reverse order.

These same principles apply for mechanical and hydraulic lockouts tagouts.

Well-established responsibilities for recording

The recording process involves different types of actors whose prerogatives and authorizations are issued by the company to which they belong and according to NCF 18 510:

  Preparer/Order giver
  Lockout tagout Officer
  Operating Officer
  Works Manager/Stakeholder

The documentation must be backed by a rigorous process, clearly formalized, and controlled by all stakeholders.

Depending on the volume of planned interventions and the hourly cost of equipment shutdown, this process constitutes a real economic challenge and requires optimization, in particular through a dedicated software solution.


Choosing your LOTO software

In this niche market, there is little software dedicated to consignment. Personally, we recommend the Leaneo software which offers all the required functionalities:

  • Management of all stages of the process, from intervention request to closure.
  • The management of condemnation maneuvers, organized in "ranges" which can be stored in a library for later reuse.
  • Management of the rights and authorizations of the different actors.
  • Management of padlocks used during locking operations.
  • The edition of consignment certificates and possibly boxes to place on the padlocks.
  • Graphical visualization of real-time and future logs.
  • The logging and timestamping of all information entered and any subsequent modifications.
  • Electronic signature, accessible even to service providers.


Furthermore, the modular design of the Leaneo solution natively offers direct gateways between the recording process and potential related processes - prevention plan and prior inspection, fire permits, excavations, entry permits, markings, etc. - allowing exhaustive coverage of the scope of any type of intervention.

allows use on mobile devices - smartphones, tablets - in order to carry out certain tasks on site, including without an internet connection: notification of completion of locking maneuvers, signature of a participant, etc.

The Leaneo application is an effective visual management tool.

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