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Software for maintenance

Preventive and curative maintenance

Optimized maintenance management is necessary to manage and reduce breakdowns in order to limit operational downtime and obtain optimal productivity. There are two types of maintenance: preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance.


Preventive maintenance is the periodically scheduled overhaul of equipment, with if necessary the replacement of worn parts, to avoid a breakdown. These maintenance operations limit additional costs linked to equipment breakdown, operating losses and are often necessary when unscheduled operating shutdowns are not acceptable. Preventive maintenance has a cost, but a priori lower than that of corrective maintenance.

Corrective maintenance is the troubleshooting of equipment, a system or a machine when it is out of order. We speak respectively of curative or palliative maintenance if the repair is definitive or temporary.

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Maintenance software: CMMS

To effectively manage maintenance, maintenance software or CMMS is necessary. It will allow you to gain efficiency, responsiveness and reduce costs. CMMS stands for Computer Aided Maintenance Management.

The maintenance software makes it possible to digitize maintenance work from the breakdown or the triggering of the preventative until the end of the intervention. It offers the possibility of easy access to all of your equipment and its components with all the necessary characteristics: description, location, life log, maintenance ranges, documents, plans, stocks, statements, etc. It also allows you to visualize staff activity and workload schedules.

Good CMMS software must be able to easily manage maintenance ranges, automatically trigger preventive maintenance operations, manage reservations and automatic stock renewals.

Choosing a CMMS software

There are many offers on the market, in particular from companies that have been around for a long time but with software of a somewhat old design. Software based on more recent technologies can, on the other hand, provide greater security and ergonomics.

Logiciel Leaneo

Our preference is therefore towards the Leaneo software. It is a recent and innovative CMMS software available in SaaS, i.e. accessible from a web browser, a phone or a tablet. Its main strengths are: easy customization by the customer of DTs (Work Requests) and OTs (Work Orders), simple and ergonomic manual entry for operational staff, graphic visualization of interventions in real time and to come, access for service providers the software to interact with them, electronic signature, simple interface on iOS or Android, chat function and notifications to facilitate communication between operational staff, etc.

Relevés terrain

The Leaneo application is an effective visual management tool. What also appeals to us in this application are the Prevention Plan, Field Survey and Logging modules which are associated with the Maintenance module of the Leaneo software. For all these modules, the workflows are very easily customizable. An editor also allows you to create as many as you want in “no code” mode.

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